Success Stories

Nick Paradise -
This gym has been a complete blessing to every facet of my life. My body feels better than ever after only 8 weeks of CrossFit. I’ve never been happier with a gym, with the leadership and with life. CrossFit has transformed the way I approach my workouts in the gym and life outside the gym!

Dave Magruder -
You have to begin your health & fitness journey with a decision. I decided to see just how fit I could get given a very busy schedule. In 60 to 90 min per day. 5 days a week, I have been able to accomplish more in 2 months with CrossFit than I did in the previous 8 months on my own. The program is un-equaled in improving fitness level, and Brian and Amanda have created the most open, supportive, encouraging and demanding environment to reach any fitness goal.

Russ Christianson -
Doing CrossFit training with Brian and Amanda has brought my fitness to a new level. Thanks to CrossFit, I finished 12th overall in the Warrior Dash and am in the best shape of my life at 41!

Kevin Sage -
When I first met Brian, I weighed well over 500 lbs. It was a struggle just to stand up from a seated position let alone even think about doing a squat. Thanks to some surgical help, a lot of motivation from Brian, and this lifestyle called Crossfit, I currently weigh around 235 lbs, and yeah I may not like them all the time but I can do a lot of squats.

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Brian Stites

Brian StitesHas a master's degree in clinical psychology and did the supporting research for a book that advocates treating depression through lifestyle changes such as fitness, nutrition, sleep and socialization. During his career as a personal trainer, Brian has specialized in helping people reach big weight loss goals, restoring movement and function in older, injured or de-conditioned folks, and has helped numerous athletes develop speed, power and strength to advance them in their individual sport. Brian now writes the programing for CrossFit On Track and coaches the majority of the classes.



Amanda Stites

Amanda StitesIs a former basketball and volleyball athlete. While studying to be a trainer, she worked towards becoming a fitness model until she injured her shoulder and lost all the muscle she had worked so hard to build. She then started doing CrossFit and regained full use of her shoulder and build up her strength and musculature better than before the injury. During her career as a personal trainer, Amanda has specialized in helping people through the final stage of their weight loss journey where she helped her clients look past the scale and into the mirror to begin sculpting their new body shape. She now runs the 8 week physique weight loss program, and CrossFit for kids program, and helps new members get acclamated at CrossFit On Track.




Dennis Dolan

Dennis Dolan

Dennis comes to CrossFit on Track with a background in Sports Medicine. He received his bachelor's degree in Exercise Science/Athletic Training from the University of Kansas in 1998 and his Master's degree in Sports Science from KU in 2006. He has provided athletic training coverage for KU Athletics, Rockhurst High School, Shawnee Mission Northwest Highschool and has been the Athletic Trainer for Olathe South High School for the past 10 years. Dennis started doing CrossFit in March of 2010 and applied CrossFit methods to his athlete's rehabilitation and strength and conditioning programs with exceptional results.
He is here to use his years of sports medicine experience to help any biomechanical deficiencies you encounter in your CrossFit journey. He will also help to scale and tailor workouts based on previous or current injuries.


Reggie Harris

Reggie graduated from Baker University with a Bachelor's degree in exercise science. During his 4 years, he was a student athletic training assistant when he wasn't playing varsity football and running track. These sports taught him discipline and showed him what it takes to be successful at a high level. Because he grew up on olympic lifting and was a college level athlete, crossfit had the perfect combination for him. He is a technique enthusiast as well as a crossfit generalist. "Never sacrifice form for speed." He is now a class instructor and personal trainer at CrossFit On Track. He has had success training young athletes, CrossFit newbies, and weight loss clients.



Nick Paradise

Nick ParadiseNick graduated from Colorado State University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in aerospace studies, but has found a new passion in life in the form of CrossFit Personal Training.  He enjoys learning every facet of the sport almost as much as he loves competing in it.  He is approachable, friendly and easy to work with while providing technically sound instruction and workouts tailored to your goals.  His specialty is in motivation and believes that a "build slowly but surely" approach to CrossFit is a great way to achieve results without injury.  He has a background in gymnastics and track and field and is a 3 time Junior Olympic Medalist in the high-jump and long-jump.  



Jacob Dumas

Jacob DumasJacob is an Exercise Science major at Ottawa University and comes to us with a strong background in gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. He is a former wrestler, football player, and college level cheerleader. He placed 8th in the 2012 national cheerleading coed stunt competition, and was a 2013 University National Weightlifting Championship qualifier and competitor on the 85kg weight class. Jacob is certified USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. He loves coaching because it allows him to see growth in others that he has seen and continues to see in himself. He says, “Now, when I coach an athlete and see them succeed, it’s as if I succeeded.”


Janelle Shafer

Janelle ShaferJanelle is majoring in exercise science with a minor in coaching at Mid America Nazarene University. She has competed in All Star Cheerleading Nationals, earned a 9th place finish at Collegiate Weightlifting Nationals in 2012, and is a collegiate cheerleader at MNU. She enjoys the mental toughness and community that comes with CrossFit. She considers it a privilege to help others experience those things and to watch and help them progress in their CrossFit skills.

Kayley Otto

Kayley  Otto
Kayley started gymnastics at the age of five and retired from the sport after her senior year of high school.  She has a degree in Secondary Education Social Studies as well as minors in Japanese and East Asian Studies from Kansas State University.  She was a KSU Cheerleader her freshman and sophomore year and completed college at KSU while becoming a fitness instructor.  Her specialty classes were weight lifting, cycling and horizontal conditioning.  She began competing in triathlons her junior year of college and loves the challenge swimming brings to the event.  Kayley received her Level One CrossFit Certification in August 2011 and is especially here to train individuals on the gymnastics side of CrossFit.



Sam and Dean (The Dogs)

Sam and Dean spend their days patrolling the halls and performing various office tasks like napping in the bathroom and lounging by the doors. Being a German Shepherd, Sam is extremely loyal to the gym and anyone who will play fetch with him. Dean is very "special" so don't think it's strange when you see Brian or Amanda carrying him from point A to point B on any given day. They are both valuable assets to our great gym.



Training Philosophy

While CrossFit On Track adheres to the foundational structure of CrossFit, we include 8 tenets of our own to help guide our programming:

1) Train fast, be fast: training with speed and intensity will make you faster and more efficient
2) There is no strength in a vacuum: if you can’t perform strength movements when you’re taxed with other movements, you’re not really strong.
3) Listen to your body: when the weight is too heavy, your form will fail; when the weight is too light, your body will not respond
4) Don’t stop, just modify: if things seem too difficult to do, don’t give up – just ask for help and learn how to overcome it
5) Build a solid foundation: Work to develop proper mechanics on your lifts to maximize your power and efficiency and prevent injury.
6) Fuel Up: Practice healthy dietary habits to maximize results.
7) Everything works; Nothing works forever: Running is great. Boot camps are great. Body building is great. These are all aspects of fitness, not the sum of it. We try to include and expand on these practices to give you greater overall fitness.
8) Fitness is more lifestyle than workouts: More training takes place outside of the gym than inside. How you sleep, socialize, eat, work and deal with stress affect your results just as much, if not more, than the workouts themselves. So, we train those things, too!

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